The book brings together the methods used in microfacies analysis and details the potential of microfacies in evaluating depositional environments and diagenetic history, and, in particular, applying microfacies data in the study of carbonate hydrocarbon reservoirs and the provenance of archaeological materials. The first part of the book introduces microfacies analysis; the second part deals with the interpretation of the microfacial data; and the third part explores the practical use of microfacies. This last part focuses on the facies controls of reservoir and host rocks, the importance of microfacies and diagenesis for understanding technological properties of carbonate rocks and the destruction and conservation of carbonate objects, and discusses the potential of microfacies for archaeometrical studies. Nearly 400 instructive plates and figures (30 in color) showing thin-section photographs with detailed explanations form a central part of the content. This second edition has been completely updated and corrected and includes new chapters and a fully updated reference list.

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