The Keys to Your Productivity Are Right There, Inside WindowsWindows XP is packed with utilities and other features that can help you work smarter and faster. The trick is knowing what they are and how and when to use them. Microsoft Windows XP Power Productivity teaches you how to leverage these tools to automate, customize, and troubleshoot your system, and to harness its power most effectively. This is a must-read book for power users and system administrators; it also offers a path that ambitious beginners can follow to achieve expertise. Coverage includes:Performing network, automated, and unattended installationsControlling Windows XP startup and shutdownManaging printingAuditing the systemAdding and removing OS componentsUnderstanding and managing the RegistryWorking with Device ManagerSetting up and troubleshooting incoming and outgoing connectionsHosting FTP sitesPerforming backups and recovering from disastersManaging users and groupsSetting up, monitoring, and managing remote accessConfiguring and optimizing TCP/IPManaging certificatesConfiguring VPN connectionsEncrypting your filesIs Your PC Holding You Back?Don't settle for making yourself more productive; do the same for your PC. Microsoft Windows XP Power Optimization, also from Sybex, shows you how to get more speed and power out of your current equipment, simply by tuning your Windows setup.

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