Bring your gaming visions to life with Microsoft XNA Game Studio ExpressCreate complete 3D games using Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express and this hands-on guide. Written by experienced game developers, Microsoft XNA Game Studio Creator's Guide details the fundamentals of great game programming and offers detailed examples. Inside, you'll learn to program a game engine, write shader code, create and animate 3D models, and add fluid motion and special effects. You'll also find out how to launch ballistics, add realistic scenery and terrain, and integrate lighting and textures. Step-by-step tutorials on underlying C# code and explanations of vector and matrix techniques are included. Build and dynamically update XNA game windows and custom 3D objectsLearn scintillating animation techniques Create lifelike skyboxes, textures, lighting, and shading effectsProgram shaders using high-level shader languageDevelop single- and multi-player gamesGenerate and code terrain with height detectionConstruct impressive graphics using sprites, multi-texturing, and blendingIntegrate audio, game dashboards, and score trackingDevelop realistic collision detection, ballistics, and particle effectsHaHHhhndle keyboard, mouse, and game controller inputCreate static *.fbx and animated Quake 2 models and control them in code

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