Want a Faster and More Powerful PC? It's There on Your Desk.Eventually, it will be time to buy a new PC or put money into an upgrade, but Microsoft Windows XP Power Optimization shows you how to get the most out of your current equipment right now, simply by tuning your Windows setup. These professional techniques range from the basic to the advanced, and they can be used to achieve both targeted improvement and better overall system performance. In every area, the gains can be immense, and the time it takes is minimal. Coverage includes:Enhancing performance by removing unneeded itemsMaking smart tradeoffsSafely removing unneeded registry entriesUsing command-line utilitiesKeeping Internet Explorer under controlMaking simple but effective system tweaksCreating a comprehensive archival systemMonitoring your system for performance concernsKeeping your system in peak operating conditionUnderstanding the connection between user activity and system performanceAutomating cleanup and maintenance tasksKeeping your PC safe from viruses and human intrudersCatching and correcting mistakesSystem OptimizedWhat's Next?Once you've helped your system live up to its potential, help yourself by turning to Microsoft Windows XP Power Productivity, also from Sybex. You'll find expert instruction on harnessing native Windows functionality and third-party utilities to work faster and smarter.

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