Inspiring stories from some of the world's most successful mumpreneurs 'Millionaire Mumpreneurs' isn't about traditional start-ups or entrepreneurs. It's not about setting up a coffee shop, selling stuff on eBay, or marketing your own brand of organic clothing. It's about a new form of internet-based business, where you market your knowledge and expertise. From the woman who created her venture with a toddler underfoot, to the stressed advertising exec turned nutritionist, to the lawyer who took a leap of faith, Mel conducts interviews and profiles each mumpreneur's individual story and the secrets of their success. Offering practical information and tips on how you can do it too, 'Millionaire Mumpreneurs' covers many aspects of building a virtual business at home: from social-media marketing and multiple incomes to fitting your business around your family life. Motherhood doesn't mean you have to limit your options and potential. Far from it! By becoming a mumpreneur you can take control of your working life and achieve business success for yourself whilst being there for your family. 'Millionaire Mumpreneurs' is a guide for mums who want to know how to go about building a new kind of business from home and create their ideal flexible lifestyle.

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