This text introduces the reader to the theory of multi-port signals and systems, with a focus on vector-valued signal transmission. Of primary interest is the dynamic behavior of electrical multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems. The book provides a basic understanding of the fundamentals, implementation, and applications of MIMO techniques. MATLAB®. This matrix-oriented commercial software package with user-friendly interfaces and excellent graphics support was chosen to perform the numerical analyses. End-of-chapter problems are added to provide additional training opportunities and to reinforce the knowledge gained.Over the last decade, spurred by the invention of a series of fundamentally new wireless transmission concepts, MIMO theory has been transformed into one of the most vibrant and active research areas. A person with no previous training or experience in the various fields of electromagnetics, radio technology, wireless transmission systems, coding and digital modulation theory, etc., is in danger of getting lost right at the start of a MIMO project. It is the purpose of this text to take away at least some of the load from students, researchers, and interested practitioners. It can be used in telecommunications transmission and switching, systems and information theory, and signal processing courses.

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