LEARN TO SHOP FOR AND MANAGE YOUR MORTGAGE UNTIL YOU HAVE ELIMINATED IT-ONCE AND FOR ALL!Mind Your Own Mortgage empowers homeowners to shop for a mortgage as if it were a commodity-as easy as buying a gallon of gas-and enables them to eliminate their mortgage debt by revealing inside information used to keep them enslaved to the mortgage industry. Mind Your Own Mortgage changes the game-putting you in charge: Shop with confidence-an exclusive system helps you make decisions based on the best price Identify slick sales gimmicks and lender manipulationRefinance only when it makes sense for you-not for the mortgage companyEliminate your mortgage in record time-so your retirement years include retirementA SOUND MORTGAGE = A SOUND ECONOMYStocked with compelling real-life scenarios, budgeting tips, and handy financial tools, Mind Your Own Mortgage is a timely wake-up call for homeowners and a candid decree that the American dream is still possible-if we dramatically rethink the way we finance our homes.IT'S TIME TO MIND YOUR OWN MORTGAGE."Whether you're getting a new mortgage, refinancing an old one, or dealing with the mortgage you have already, you won't find a better mortgage coach than my friend, Rob Bernabe."Mary Hunt, personal finance expert, best-selling author, and CEO of Debt-Proof Living"Finally, consumers have what they need to hold any mortgage provider accountable."R. Jarret Lilien, founder and managing partner of Bendigo Partners and former president and COO of E*Trade Financial

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