Google Brings Data Mining to the People!Virtually everyone sees Google as, hands down, the best online search tool. Now you can use and improve on Google technology in your own applications.Mining Google Web Services teaches you dozens of techniques for tapping the power of the Google API. Google already gives you fine-grained control over your search criteria, and this book shows you how to exert the same control in your own focused search and analysis applications. With just a little knowledge of JavaScript, VBA, Visual Studio 6, Visual Studio .NET, PHP, or Java, you will get better (and more relevant) search results--faster and more easily. Here's a little of what you'll find covered inside:Improving the speed and accuracy of searchesPerforming data mining across the InternetUsing Google Web Services to search a single websiteBuilding search applications for mobile devicesUsing caching techniques to improve application performance and reliabilityAnalyzing Google dataCreating searches for users with special needsDiscovering new uses for GoogleObtaining historical data using cached pagesPerforming spelling checks on any textReducing the number of false search hitsWhether your goal is to improve your own searches or share specialized search capabilities with others, this is the one resource that will see you through the job from start to finish.

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