When a wealthy woman mysteriously disappears near Aspen, Colorado, former FBI Agent, Brad Walker, finds that his love of fly-fishing in remote mountain areas has planted him directly in the crosshairs of corrupt politicians and a kingpin in the world of human trafficking. When murdered bodies are discovered in a desolate mountain area, it becomes brutally apparent that the life of the missing woman is in peril. Under the weight of this realization, events spiral and, in a long-forgotten mountain canyon in the midst of a raging storm, Brad Walker faces a lonely confrontation with evil. This book offers an eye-to-eye look at the tragedy of human trafficking and the loss of human dignity that is its sad companion. The emotional burden of law enforcement officers who enter this world and a love story between a man and his wife lead the reader on a journey through some dark shadows of our modern world. Natural beauty and daunting weather of the Rocky Mountains become living characters as the story unfolds between Washington, DC and Colorado. DALE LOVIN was an FBI Agent for twenty-five years, specializing in investigations of violent crimes. In the wake of September 11, 2001, Congress mandated an enhanced Federal Air Marshal Service and he worked in the establishment of this agency. Dale lives in Colorado with his wife, has three children and is an avid fly-fisher.

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