To make their organisations more productive, managers often focus on financial indicators and will complicate their lives by devising ambitious action plans and complex processes. They would be better off thinking more about something closer to business efficiency: personal well-being.Many people like their jobs, yet more and more of us can no longer stand the conditions we have to work under. Research points to seven categories of problems that hurt an individual's productivity and hence organisational health: 1. receiving few signs of appreciation, 2. not getting enough support, 3. not getting enough respect, 4. having trouble reconciling work with personal life, 5. being overworked, 6. not taking part in decision-making and 7. having ambiguous roles.In this book, we offer a simple strategy to remedy each of these 'missing pieces of management'. Clearly defined, each piece comes with a self-diagnosis questionnaire and 10 concrete actions you can carry out right away. This is an indispensable tool that will boost your company's performance and make it an employer of choice in the job market. French Edition - Winner of the 'mention exceptionnelle du jury' for the Quebec's Business book award 2009

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