BOOK FIVE. Gerda is being slowly but surely directed toward being able to take over the duties of a 'Mistress', when required, and as a result has agreed to spend some time in Nice at the establishment of Baronessa Oblonska, who runs a strict training centre for male slaves. Gerda is about to be introduced to a whole new way of life, where the training of novice slaves is entirely in her hands and where the punishments go way beyond anything she could ever have imagined.The Baronessa, together with her sinister partner Zed, who always wears a clown's mask, encourage Gerda to be more and more severe with her trainees to the point when Gerda actually begins to doubt that she could ever be a slave again.But the Executioner and her beloved Guy fly up to spend weekends with her, putting her through their own brand of extensive training and punishment and Gerda soon finds she can be both slave and Mistress in the same body.

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