The Sicilian's Defiant Mistress by Jane Porter Cass couldn't continue a relationship that involved just her body when her heart was breaking. But did she have a choice? The deal she made with Maximos was only for sex. Now she has a secret to reveal; will the tycoon be ready for a red-hot reunion? The Italian's Pregnant Mistress by Cathy Williams Angelo always got his way, until model Francesca turned him down. Three years later, that still rankles. But now she's in Angelo's power - and in his bed. And this time he won't let her go...especially when he discovers she's carrying his child! The Italian's Mistress by Melanie Milburne Lucio knows he has an offer Anna can't refuse. If she becomes his mistress, he'll pay for her son's operation. Anna soon finds herself enjoying his passion, even if it is born of revenge...

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