This book examines the aspects of prevention, mitigation, and management of environmental hazards and disasters from an international perspective. In light of the recent debate on climate change and the possible effects of such a change upon increasing frequency and magnitude of extreme environmental events, this publication overviews various policy and response discourses. Several case studies from various countries and world regions depicting recent experience in mitigation policy and program development and implementation and establishing links between vulnerability and mitigation are presented to provide further insights. This book is primarily intended for academics, policymakers, professionals, and practitioners in hazards reduction activities who are seeking a better understanding of the complex and dynamic aspects of nature and society. This topic is a well-established issue among most sectors of our society since the costs, both human and socioeconomic, of extreme environmental events have been rising astronomically, and significant vulnerabilities exist throughout the world. Without effective prevention and mitigation, these costs are likely to continue to increase, enhancing the uncertainty of societal progress. The knowledge and information embodied in this volume will be of immense benefit to anyone working in this field. Reprinted from: Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change

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