Mobile and Wireless Network Security and Privacy analyzes important security and privacy problems in the realms of wireless networks and mobile computing. The material includes a report to the National Science Foundation of the United States which will be used by program managers for the foundation in setting priorities for research directions in this area. In the following chapters field experts expand upon the report and provide further information about important research directions in the fields of wireless networks and mobile computing. The chapters are written by the leading international researchers and professionals in thes fields. Each chapter represents state-of-the-art research and includes several influential contributions. A multitude of valuable discussions on relevant concepts, such as the various approaches that define emerging security and privacy in mobile and wireless environment, are featured. The book is useful to researchers working in the fields of mobile and wireless security and privacy and to graduate students seeking new areas to perform research. It also provides information for academics and industry people researching recent trends and developments in the mobile and wireless security fields.

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