This book highlights the basic tools one needs to be happy and successful and focuses on the lighter facets of an otherwise tough and strained professional environment. It intends to entertain and direct a professional to look beyond what stares her/him in the face and work towards having a genial/synergistic approach to the atmosphere that s/he has to survive and thrive in.Written in a farcical manner,M.O.D.E.L does not preach any new theory or concept, for the author believes that the fundamentals for happiness and success cannot change. The simple application of basics is all that is required for most things. In short, the book highlights: - Ten simple steps that will enable the hardworking person to succeed and be happy. - The fact that most of us go around seeking mysterious mantras and ignore the basics. - The fact that we forget that success is a journey, not a destination, and happiness is a state of mind. Neither can be achieved without the perception and self-realization of the other.

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