'Modelling and Analysis of Hybrid Supervisory Systems' introduces a modelling formalism that merges Petri nets, differential equation systems and object-oriented methods; a formalism that is adequate for modelling complex and large-scale systems. To guide the designer and conduct hybrid modelling, the book describes a method that starts from the requirements of a supervisory system and results in a proposal for such a system. The method is mainly based on UML diagrams, well-known tools in both academia and industry. In order to ensure that the supervisory system will behave as expected, a validation procedure that allows verification of the formal properties of the hybrid model is presented. In building a bridge between what is developed in academic research and what is available to the industrial professional, this monograph places particular emphasis on the description of real-world examples; three of these an HVAC management system, a landing system and a cane-sugar factory are discussed at length.

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