Modelling and Control of Mini-Flying Machines is an exposition of models developed to assist in the motion control of various types of mini-aircraft: Planar Vertical Take-off and Landing aircraft; helicopters; quadrotor mini-rotorcraft; other fixed-wing aircraft; blimps. For each of these it propounds: detailed models derived from Euler-Lagrange methods; appropriate nonlinear control strategies and convergence properties; real-time experimental comparisons of the performance of control algorithms; review of the principal sensors, on-board electronics, real-time architecture and communications systems for mini-flying machine control, including discussion of their performance; detailed explanation of the use of the Kalman filter to flying machine localization. To researchers and students in nonlinear control and its applications Modelling and Control of Mini-Flying Machines provides valuable insights to the application of real-time nonlinear techniques in an always challenging area.

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