A revolutionary, personalized psychotherapy approach for the treatment of Axis II personality disorders, by renowned expert Dr. Theodore MillonAcknowledging the primacy of the whole person, Moderating Severe Personality Disorders: A Personalized Psychotherapy Approach takes into account all of the complexities of human nature - family influences, culture, neurobiological processes, unconscious memories, and so on--illustrating that no part of human nature should lie outside the scope of a clinician's regard.Part of a three book series, this book provides you with a unique combination of conceptual background and step-by-step practical advice to guide your treatment of Axis II personality disorders.Detailed case studies are provided throughout the text to illustrate the strategies of personalized psychotherapy for: Retiring/Schizoid Personality Patterns Shy/Avoidant Personality Patterns Pessimistic/Depressive Personality Patterns Aggrieved/Masochistic Personality Patterns Eccentric/Schizotypal Personality Patterns Capricious/Borderline Personality Patterns Destined to become an essential reference for trainees and professionals, this book makes a revolutionary call to return therapy to the natural reality of each patient's life, seamlessly guiding you in understanding the personality and treatment of the whole, unique, yet complex person.

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