This five-volume series provides a comprehensive overview of all important aspects of modern drying technology, concentrating on the transfer of cutting-edge research results to industrial use. Volume 4 deals with energy savings and the optimization of various drying processes in a variety of areas. Reduction of energy usage in drying is becoming an important consideration in industry in order to conserve the finite fossil fuel resources, reduce carbon footprint and combat climate change. This volume focuses on the following areas: Energy analysis of dryers, solid-liquid separation processes and techniques, osmotic dehydration, heat pump assisted drying technology, zeolite usage, solar drying, drying and heat treatment for solid wood and other biomass sources, and sludge thermal processing.Released Volumes of Modern Drying Technology* Volume 1: Computational Tools at Different ScalesISBN 978-3-527-31556-7* Volume 2: Experimental TechniquesISBN 978-3-527-31557-4* Volume 3: Product Quality and FormulationISBN 978-3-527-31558-1Forthcoming Volumes of Modern Drying Technology* Volume 5: Process IntensificationISBN 978-3-527-31560-4* Set (Volume 1-5)ISBN 978-3-527-31554-3

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