Estate planning basics to help you protect your young family. You know that now is the time to do something in the way of estate planning to provide for your young children -- but what, exactly? Is a will all you need? What about life insurance or a living trust? And how much will it all cost? The Mom's Guide to Wills & Estate Planning gives you practical, straightforward recommendations on estate planning options and provides a solid plan that every family can find the time to follow -- without the expense of hiring an attorney. This book outlines which proactive steps are most crucial and should be taken immediately, and which can be delayed. Focusing on your family's real-world concerns, you'll find out: how to select a guardian for children when to consider a living trust how to set up payable-on-death accounts vhow to keep your estate plan current You'll also see handy and relevant USA TODAY snapshots, infographics and insights throughout The Mom's Guide to Wills & Estate Planning. So what are you waiting for? Create an estate plan to protect your young children today.

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