Stranded With The Groom The annual mail-order bride re-enactment was a smashing success - until librarian Katie Fenton found herself 'wed' to a sexy mystery man - handsome Justin Caldwell. And then there was the blizzard that kept them snowbound alone together afterwards... All He Ever Wanted Single dad Cameron Stevenson has been sending smouldering looks at Faith Taylor, who saved his son from a cave-in at an old mine. But does she return his affection? How can she resist the gorgeous Stevenson males - especially when they've had so much sadness already? Prescription: Love The hospital is abuzz with rumours about Chris Taylor and our newest resident Zoe Hart. They've had their hands full of injuries in ER - and though the California girl seems too cool to be swayed by our eligible local hero, everyone knows his smile's hot enough to melt winter ice!

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