The 3rd book in the Underhill series. Former slavegirl, Roberta, still has her two sadistic sisters, now renamed Bitch and Witch, shaved, cowed and completely at her mercy in the Underhill complex. With the assistance of her co-conspirators and the oh so submissive Bubbles, she is enjoying playing painful and humiliating games with them. An escape attempt by Bitch and Witch, using a purloined key, gives her yet another chance to punish them, helping them along yet again towards total submission. Meantime, a new 'recruit' has arrived at Underhill, another wife needing lessons in submission. She, along with the other poor girls also there for 'retraining' is finding out what it means to be in the power of Ransome, his friends and employees, at the terrible centre known as Underhill!

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