The Mother of All Baby Books is the instruction manual that Mother Nature forgot to include with the new arrival a hands-on guide to coping with the joys and challenges of caring for your new baby. It's a totally comprehensive guide that features a non-bossy, fresh, and fun approach to Baby's exciting first year. Based on the best advice from over 100 Canadian parents, The Mother of All Baby Books is the ultimate guide to bringing up Baby in the Great White North.The Mother of All Baby Books offers:the straight goods on what it's really like to become a parenta frank discussion of the top ten worries of new parents, presented with a hefty dose of reassurancethe facts you need to make up your mind about breastfeeding, circumcision, immunization and other important issuescomprehensive answers to all of your baby-related questions including the ones that have you pacing the floor at 3:00 a.m.!medically reviewed, practical advice on coping with colic, diaper rash, nursing strikes, and other common first-year challengesinsider secrets on shopping for baby without going brokea helpful glossary of baby-related termsa directory of Canadian organizations for new parentsa list of Internet resources of interest to Canadian parentsimmunization schedules, baby growth charts, and more

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