To transport people and materials safely, it is essential that everyone involved in a transportation system be adequately trained, supervised, and monitored. Detailed data and incident reports must be maintained to identify trends and problem areas, and to implement process and safety improvements.Motor Fleet Safety and Security Management provides you with a thorough understanding of how to develop and manage a comprehensive motor fleet safety and instructional program. It lays the groundwork necessary for effective management of transportation systems and addresses the steps necessary for successful driver selection, training, instruction, and supervision.Other topics covered include elements of a fleet safety program, accident prevention, considerations for a small fleet, vehicle inspection, organization of accident data, job safety analysis (JSA), fleet transportation publicity, school bus safety, hazardous material shipping and storage, and transportation security.The book contains an appendix that offers a model of a motor fleet transportation program to assist you in the integration of the author's concepts into the development of your company's safety and training programs.

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