Are you a Driver, a Collaborator, an Organizer or a Visionary? Read Ginny Whitelaw's Move to Greatness: Focusing the Four Essential Energies of a Whole and Balanced Leader to find out. Unbalanced energy patterns create the ineffective "buts" in leadership style and personal performance. Leaders need to know how to use their strengths and overcome their own barriers. Both success and failure originate in the use or misuse of four fundamental patterns that have been studied over decades: the Driver, the Collaborator, the Organizer and the Visionary. When they are in balance, these patterns create wholly effective leaders who can achieve peak performance. In Move to Greatness, author Ginny Whitelaw explains these four essential energy patterns, revealing the strengths and weaknesses of each. Using these patterns as a map, leaders will discover their natural preferences and learn how to understand people and to lead them more effectively--realizing how to literally move themselves and others to newfound greatness. "Finally, a tool and approach that makes intuitive, practical and theoretical sense." --David Dotlich, Founding Partner at Delta Executive Learning Center; author of Why CEOs Fail, Unnatural Leadership, and Head, Heart and Guts Contents Acknowledgments Introduction: Your Guide to the Patterns 1 Enter the Patterns 2 Discover Your Winning Way 3 Push into the Driver 4 Step into the Organizer 5 Swing into the Collaborator 6 Drift into the Visionary 7 Pick a Barrier, Break Through 8 Lead in Ways Others Can Follow 9 Move Teams and Organizations to Greatness 10 Engage as a Whole and Balanced Leader Appendix I FEBI Validation and Connection to Other Models Appendix II Additional Resources Endnotes About the Authors Index

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