Discover why apartment houses are the best investment in today?s real estate market The key to making big profits in real estate is to go against the traditional wisdom. When the masses are buying, it?s often time to sell. When everyone is selling, there are huge bargains to be found. In Multi–Family Millions, contrarian real estate investor Dave Lindahl shows you how to read the market cycle, and explains why now is a great time to get started investing in apartment houses?even if it?s your first time investing in real estate and you have no money for a down payment. With a simple two– to five–unit multi–family property, or a thirty–unit apartment building, you can implement the same strategies Lindahl used in over 500 deals to build his own real estate fortune: How to reposition a multi–family property for maximum profit Where to get the money for your first deal How to own an apartment house and never deal with tenants ...

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