Contents:Introduction (J Shen et al.)3D Articulated Object Understanding, Learning, and Recognition from 2D Images (P S P Wang)On Geometric and Orthogonal Moments (J Shen et al.)Multispectral Image Processing: The Nature Factor (W R Watkins)Detection of Sea Surface Small Targets in Infrared Images Based on Multilevel Filter and Minimum Risk Bayes Test (Y-S Moon et al.)Minimum Description Length Method for Facet Matching (S Maybank & R Fraile)An Integrated Vision System for ALV Navigation (X Ye et al.)Fuzzy Bayesian Networks — A General Formalism for Representation, Inference and Learning with Hybrid Bayesian Networks (H Pan & L Liu)Extraction of Bibliography Information Based on Image of Book Cover (H Yang et al.)Radar Target Recognition Based on Parameterized High Resolution Range Profiles (X Liao & Z Bao)Readership: Computer scientists and electrical engineers.

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