Although the transfer function approach is widely used in classical control theory, computer-controlled continuous-time processes are a very important subset of periodic sampled-data systems which are not treatable using ordinary transfer functions. The authors show how parametric transfer functions, which incorporate time-dependence, can be used to give a complete exposition of analysis and design methods for multi-input, multi-output (MIMO) sampled-data systems. Multivariable Computer-controlled Systems is divided into three parts: - Preliminary algebraic material necessary in later chapters. - Control problems, important in their own right but also having a substantial bearing on what follows. - Frequency methods for the investigation of MIMO sampled-data systems (parametric discrete-time models; stability; stochastic methods; H2 optimization and L2 design). Appendices covering basic mathematical formulae and two MATLAB® toolboxes round out this self-contained guide.

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