Sensory scientists are often faced with making business decisions based on the results of complex sensory tests involving a multitude of variables. Multivariate and Probabilistic Analyses of Sensory Science Problems explains the multivariate and probabilistic methods available to sensory scientists involved in product development or maintenance. The techniques discussed address sensory problems such as panel performance, product profiling, and exploration of consumer data, including segmentation and identifying drivers of liking.Applied in approach and written for non-statisticians, the text is aimed at sensory scientists who deal mostly with descriptive analysis and consumer studies. Multivariate and Probabilistic Analyses of Sensory Science Problems offers simple, easy-to-understand explanations of difficult statistical concepts and provides an extensive list of case studies with step-by-step instructions for performing analyses and interpreting the results. Coverage includes a refresher on basic multivariate statistical concepts; use of common data sets throughout the text; summary tables presenting the pros and cons of specific methods and the conclusions that may be drawn from using various methods; and sample program codes to perform the analyses and sample outputs.As the latest member of the IFT Press series, Multivariate and Probabilistic Analyses of Sensory Science Problems will be welcomed by sensory scientists in the food industry and other industries using similar testing methodologies, as well as by faculty teaching advanced sensory courses, and professionals conducting and participating in workshops addressing multivariate analysis of sensory and consumer data.

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