What this book does... Section 1 tours the .NET Framework and teaches the basics of working with Microsoft?s development environment, Visual Studio .NET. In this section, you?ll learn how to develop a simple Windows application. To do that,you?ll use the Forms Designer to design a Windows form, and you?ll learn use the Code Editor to add and edit the code for the form. Section 2 presents the data types, control structures, and other essential elements of the C# language as well as the core .NET classes you?ll use to develop basic Windows applications. Along the way, you?ll also learn how to handle the tasks that are required in most business apps. In chapter 7, for example, you?ll learn professional data validation techniques that we haven?t seen presented in any competing book, even though data validation is an essential part of every business application. Section 3 teaches the powerful object-oriented programming features of the C#...

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