Mural makeovers for spaces that will make you smileMurals transform an ordinary room into a room with a view. In this book, artist Corie Kline shows you how to take it one step further by incorporating furniture into your mural painting. Designs flow from wall to furniture, injecting the room with imagination and atmosphere.Convert a kitchen cart into a flower stand, a bench into pond-side seating, a dresser into a lighthouse...or get inspired by any of the other ideas inside for transforming furniture pieces into functional works of art with coordinating background murals that really set the scene.10 projects complete with acrylic color lists and photos showing every side of the completed furniture piecesFriendly step-by-step instructions for painting a variety of elements&#151from birdhouses and deer to sailboats and trees&#151that you can mix, match and spin-off to create your own original muralsFun ideas for using hardware, accent colors, custom lettering, and other details for truly personalized resultsExpert tips for rendering animals, landscapes and trompe l'oeil objects realistically with minimal effortCreate a garden nook in your bedroom. Give your kitchen a view of Tuscany's rolling hills. Add windows and French doors where there were none. With this book, life's a beach! (Or a walk through the woods, or a tiptoe through the tulips...) Grab some paints and brushes, and transform your home today!

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