With a foreword by a pioneer of Pain Clinics, Dr Keith Budd, this pocket-sized book is a handy reference for family practitioners, medical educators in musculo-skeletal medicine. This field of medicine involves a large number of patients and this book is written by an authority on the subject derived from 40 years experience in the field, coupled with long service to both the British Association of Manipulative medicine and to the Federation Internationale de Medecine Manuelle. In addition to explaining what musculo-skeletal medicine is, this book discusses pain in the following regions: head, neck, shoulder and arm, chest, lower trunk, pelvic, leg. Then discusses whether musculo-skeletal treatment works in these cases, and a short look at the future of musculo-skeletal medicine. In particular it clarifies what is not within the realm of musculo-skeletal medicine neurological complaints, orthopaedic problems and the inflammatory diseases in particular.

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