An understanding of Bible story is essential to so much of our culture, literature, history, language ... Bible references are woven into the fabric of our national, artistic and literary heritage. The tabloids talk of a 'David and Goliath encounter' on the football pitch, a 'Damascus Road experience', a 'lions' den' situation or an 'exodus' of skilled workers. People talk of the need for 'the wisdom of Solomon' or their longing for 'the return of the prodigal'. But increasing Bible illiteracy means we are losing real understanding of such terms. THE MUST KNOW STORIES are a way of restoring understanding of the importance of 10 key stories in the Bible - 10 stories that have been voted on as essential to our culture and which teachers and parents feel must not be lost to the next generation. The 10 stories voted (by parents and teachers) as THE MUST KNOW STORIES are: 1 Creation/ Adam and Eve 2 Noah's ark 3 The 10 Commandments 4 David and Goliath 5 Daniel in the lions' den 6 The birth of Jesus 7 The feeding of the 5000 8 The return of the prodigal son 9 The good Samaritan 10 The death and resurrection of Jesus

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