My Sweet Degradation is a collection of darkly erotic stories exploring the taboo yet enticing theme of control and surrender. Naughty schoolgirls are punished and shown the error of their ways, innocent young ladies are obliged to submit to secret desires, and the shy and inexperienced are encouraged to push the boundaries of what they believe to be acceptable. Each tale proudly adheres to the Chimera tradition of offering the most evocative of 'damsel in distress' scenarios - exploring the exhilarating theme of domination and submission - yet in everyday, familiar settings: a headmaster's study, a stable, a hotel room, a hospital... If you have a passion for erotic fiction with imaginative style; for stories that are told in a colourfully expressive manner without succumbing to overly poetic prose, then you are sure to find yourself transported as you turn the pages of My Sweet Degradation.

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