This reference provides a comprehensive overview of the latest research detailing the etiology, epidemiology, treatment, and detection of myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS)-identifying effective therapeutic regimens, adverse environmental and genetic factors, and efficient modalities of supportive care that improve patient survival and enhance quality of life.Contains recent amendments to MDS classification criteria by the World Health Organization!The Myelodysplastic Syndromes discussesimmunological abnormalities and inflammatory diseases associated with MDS the development of therapy-related MDS auto and allo bone marrow transplantation the formation of apoptotic signals pharmacologic strategies for multidrug resistance in MDS patients the biological mechanisms of childhood MDSPresenting current guidelines to predict disease prognosis, The Myelodysplastic Syndromes is a detailed and timely guide for oncologists, hematologists, immunologists, pathologists, infectious disease specialists, internists, molecular biologists, and medical school students in these disciplines.

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