This volume highlights the remarkable superfamily of molecular motors called myosins, which are involved in such diverse cellular functions as muscle contraction, intracellular transport, cell migration and cell division. In a timely compilation of chapters written by some of the leading research groups in the world that have made key discoveries in the field, the current understanding of the molecular mechanisms and biological functions of these intriguing proteins is explored. The different myosin classes are compared and contrasted in the introductory chapter, as well as chapters on myosin structure; and biochemical and kinetic properties of myosins. Subsequent chapters are devoted to single classes of myosins and provide keen insight based on studies using in vitro and in vivo systems into how particular myosins are designed for their intracellular roles. This highly authoritative and comprehensive volume includes current information on myosin mutations, which are responsible for diseases such as cardiomyopathies, immunodeficiences and neurological disorders, as well as hearing and vision defects. Written in an intelligible and coherent manner and presented in a format such that minimal background knowledge is needed, this indexed volume will be useful not only to those interested in learning about molecular motors, but as a crucial reference for researchers.

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