Can being honest really change your life forever? Kelly Davies thinks so. From telling yourself the truth about how much you weigh to how you really feel about your spouse, Kelly says the little lies you are constantly telling yourself are keeping you in a subconscious state of unworthiness. These lies are keeping you from fully committing to the actions that can make all your real dreams come true! In this revealing book, you'll discover: One Girl: The Naked Executive. A girl that chose to tell people the truth about how she really felt and watched her entire life change before her very eyes. Four Steps: To Get Naked. By acknowledging the truth, handling the emotions, apologizing in advance and then accepting the change in your relationships, you can tell anyone the truth about anything- including your mother. Ten Lessons: Learned While Getting Naked. Getting naked is a process and these ten important lessons create a safe place for you to admit you are not perfect, you're life is not perfect and you're tired of pretending that everything's ok- when it's not. From tips on how to handle gratuitous nudity to choosing a career made for you instead of one you saw on TV, Kelly slowly and deliberately reveals herself so you feel safe revealing yourself. Do you want to change your life forever? Can you be honest in your thoughts, actions and words? Are you ready to stop lying and quit being lied to? Quick- turn to Lesson #5, everything just feels better naked!

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