"Naked Objects is the embodiment of the Agile movement: lean, elegant, user-focused, and with testing built right in. Reduce a problem to its bare essentials, code it up with no extra fluff, then ship it out. Naked Objects brings programming back to its real purpose: expressing and solving business problems." Dave Thomas, co-author, The Agile Manifesto and The Pragmatic Programmer "I believe that this could be a landmark book. Naked Objects may well herald the next major evolution in the way systems are presented to end users, and how they're developed. Naked Objects adds near-instant prototyping to the business modeller's toolbox." Oliver Sims, co-author, Business Component Factory "A well-written description of a radicalnew approach to OO programming." James W Cooper, IBM T J Watson Research Center "Naked Objects is a bold approach. If you want to push the envelope and let end-users access their business objects without cluttered...

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