This book contains 35 review articles on nanoscience and nanotechnology that were first published in Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Materials and a number of other Nature journals. The articles are all written by leading authorities in their field and cover a wide range of areas in nanoscience and technology, from basic research (such as single-molecule devices and new materials) through to applications (in, for example, nanomedicine and data storage).Sample Chapter(s)Challenges and Opportunites for Nanoscience and Technology (115 KB)Contents: Nanomaterials and Nanostructures:Progress TowardsMonodisperse Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (Mark C Hersam)The Rise ofGraphene (A K Geim & K S Novoselov)Multiferroics: Progress and Prospects in Thin Films (R Ramesh & Nicola A Spaldin)Inorganic Nanotubes and Fullerene-Like Nanoparticles (R Tenne)The Role of Interparticle and External Forces in Nanoparticle Assembly (Younjin Min et al.)Complex Thermoelectric Materials (G Jeffrey Snyder & Eric S Toberer)Solid-State Nanopores (Cees Dekker)Engineering Atomic and Molecular Nanostructures at Surfaces (Johannes V Barth et al.)Molecular Machines and Devices:Making Molecular Machines Work (Wesley R Browne & Ben L Feringa)Molecular Logic and Computing (A Prasanna de Silva & Seiichi Uchiyama)Harnessing Biological Motors to Engineer Systems for Nanoscale Transport and Assembly (Anita Goel & Viola Vogel)Designed DNA Molecules: Principles and Applications of Molecular Nanotechnology (Anne Condon)DNA Nanomachines (Jonathan Bath & Andrew J Turberfield)Nanoelectronics:Nanoelectronics from the BottomUp (Wei Lu & Charles M Lieber)The Emergence of Spin Electronics in Data Storage (Claude Chappert et al.)Nanoionics-Based Resistive Switching Memories (Rainer Waser & Masakazu Aono)Technology and Metrology of New Electronic Materials and Devices (Eric M Vogel)Carbon-Based Electronics (Phaedon Avouris et al.)Electron Transport in Molecular Junctions (N J Tao)Molecular Spintronics using Single-Molecule Magnets (Lapo Bogani & Wolfgang Wernsdorfer)Nanophotonics:Light in Tiny Holes (C Genet & T W Ebbesen)Nano-Optics from Sensing to Waveguiding (Surbhi Lal et al.)Semiconductor Quantum Light Sources (Andrew J Shields)Biomimetics of Photonic Nanostructures (Andrew R Parker & Helen E Townley)Nanobiotechnology and Nanomedicine:Nanoparticle Therapeutics: An Emerging Treatment Modality for Cancer (Mark E Davis et al.)Neuroscience Nanotechnology: Progress, Opportunities and Challenges (Gabriel A Silva)The Potential and Challenges of Nanopore Sequencing (Daniel Branton et al.)Atomic Force Microscopy as a Multifunctional Molecular Toolbox in Nanobiotechnology (Daniel J Müller & Yves F Dufrêne)Immunological Properties of Engineered Nanomaterials (Marina A Dobrovolskaia & Scott E McNeil)Injectable Nanocarriers for Biodetoxification (Jean-Christophe Leroux)Selected Applications:Applications of Dip-Pen Nanolithography (Khalid Salaita et al.)Biosensing with PlasmonicNanosensors (Jeffrey N Anker et al.)Materials for Electrochemical Capacitors (Patrice Simon & Yury Gogotsi)Future Lab-on-a-Chip Technologies for Interrogating Individual Molecules (Harold Craighead)Science and Technology for Water Purification in the Coming Decades (Mark A Shannon et al.).Readership: Chemists, physicists, materials scientists, engineers, biomedicalscientists and anyone interested in nanoscience and nanotechnology.

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