The latest developments in nanotechnology and detailed application methodologies to decontaminate water, air, soil, and foodWritten by a team of global experts, Nanotechnology for Environmental Decontamination summarizes the techniques to structure target-specific nanomaterial, and how to apply it to decontaminate the natural environment from microbes, heavy metals, industrial toxic chemicals, chemical warfare agents, and biowarfare agents.Recent developments in nanotechnology enable environmental decontamination through several target-specific nanomaterials, processes, and tools. This groundbreaking work covers these innovative methodologies in complete detail. It is an ideal resource for both professionals and graduate-level students whose specialty is nanotechnology which is applicable to environmental decontamination.Nanotechnology for Environmental Decontamination featuresA thorough overview of the most important developments in the field of decontaminationNanomaterial design methodologies for specific targets such as microbes, heavy metals, and chemical/bio agentsContributions from world-renowned leaders in nanotech decontaminationCoverage of a wide variety of diverse applicationsIn-depth details on:Progress in the control of decontamination using nanotechnology; Nanomaterials as a means of decontamination; Photocatalytic inactivation: air and water; Decontamination of heavy metals from water; Nanotechnology as a tool: Removal of a dense nonaqueous phase liquid (DNAPLs) from the ground water; The remediation of microbes and toxic industrial chemicals from the wastewater; Reactive sorbent materials or systems for air-water remediation; The critical investigation of pesticides and explosive removal from soil and ground using innovative technology; Biocatalysts: the scavengers of chemical warfare agent, insecticides, pesticides, explosives, industrial toxic chemicals and heavy metals; Sequestration of greenhouse gases; Antimicrobial coatings and nanoemulsions used in decontamination; Commercial challenges of decontamination and nanotechnology

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