This new handbook concisely introduces narrative form to advanced students of fiction. With clearly-defined terms and up-to-date references to a broad array of narrative studies, Narrative Form explains critical vocabulary and offers a variety of strategies for analyzing the formal qualities of fiction. Keen suggests that interpretations of form can be effectively integrated with contemporary approaches to literature, including feminist, postcolonial and cultural studies methodologies. Narrative Form shows how to use the language of formal analysis accurately and innovatively. In clear, readable and accessible style, Keen defines terms and describes debates about:* Major Approaches to Narrative* Shapes of Narrative: A Whole of Parts* Narrative Situation: Who's Who and What's its Function* People on Paper: Character, Characterisation and Represented Minds* Plot and Causation: Related Events* Timing: How Long and How Often?* Order and Disorder* Levels: Realms of Existence* Fictional Worlds and Fictionality* Disguises: Fiction in the Form of Non-Fiction Texts* Genres and Conventions

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