Progress in various areas of applications of Mössbauer Effect is reported in this volume. Among the recent developments, applications of synchrotron radiation in geophysics and biophysics through the measurement of phonon density of states of proteins and enzymes, and laboratory based high- pressure experiments in elucidating the electronic nature of correlated electron systems in condensed matter physics are some examples. Furthermore, almost after five decades of its discovery, with two Mössbauer spectrometers working on the surface of the Mars provided the first glimpse of the nature of iron containing minerals. With additional contributions from applications to nano-science and studies of amorphous systems will make this volume of special interest to materials scientists, chemists, mineral and condensed matter physicists, and inorganic biochemists alike. The conference and its proceedings are dedicated to one of the pioneers of Mössbauer Spectroscopy, late Dr. Stanley Ruby, whose original ideas, insight and enthusiasm helped create new research fields.

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