This book discusses applications of certain NLP techniques to certain Text Mining tasks, & the use of Text Mining to facilitate NLP. It explores real-world applications of NLP & text-mining algorithms in comprehensive detail, placing emphasis on the description of end-to-end solutions to real problems, & detailing the associated difficulties that must be resolved before the algorithm can be applied & its full benefits realized. Topics & features: Describes novel & high-impact text mining and/or natural language applications Points out typical traps in trying to apply NLP to text mining Surveys related supporting techniques, problem types, & potential technique enhancements Examines the interaction of text mining & NLP This state-of-the-art, practical volume will be an essential resource for professionals & researchers who wish to learn how to apply text mining & language processing techniques to real world problems. It can also be used as a supplementary text by advanced students in text mining & NLP.

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