Five erotic stories with a 'Crimes of Passion' theme.The Naughty Rich Girl by Angela GoldsberryWhen your father is very rich and youre very spoiled, you can get away with just about anything or so she thinks when she plans an afternoon shoplifting at the best department store in the local mall. But she hasnt reckoned with the stores sexy head of security or his deliciously unorthodox methods of dealing with naughty girls who take what isnt theirs Foot-fall by Lynn LakeHed been attending to another guest at the front desk, when hed first heard the clickety-clack of silver-tipped heels on the polished marble floor of the luxury hotel lobby. These particular high heels heralded four-inches of reinforced leather with metal tips, a tall, lean woman of lengthy leggage used to flaunting her lower limbs in such heels. She was Lillian, the new night manager, and shed soon have leg and foot fetisher David tightly wrapped around her little toe.The Surveillance Operation by Gary PhilpottDC Mike Henderson and DS Helen Baxter are on surveillance. Being on surveillance usually means spending a long, boring night in a parked up car, watching not very much: but not tonight. Baxter is Mikes boss and a lot more attractive than his usual partner. When their suspect heads to the notorious Rattlesnake Club, they have no choice but to follow him in. How far will they go to avoid blowing their cover? Will it affect Mikes career prospects to get down and dirty with his very bossy boss, who, surprisingly, seems to know her way around?Mimi by Jasmine BenedictMimi loves to flirt with danger just for kicks. She lives to please herself; to satisfy her every whim and gratify her every carnal urge, but that can prove troublesome when youre living in Chicago in the twenties. Alcohol is outlawed and the danger Mimi flirts with is the kind that lands the imprudent in jail. When she finds herself arrested when a speakeasy is raided, the cops want information, but she doesnt plan to give it up without fair compensation in return.Speeding Ticket by Shashauna P. ThomasThe last thing Kathleen wants is to be late on her first day in a new job, but when shes pulled over for speeding by a gorgeous female state trooper whos all too keen to respond to her sexual advances, she begins to think punctuality is overrated. But what will happen when she finally reaches her workplace?These stories have also been published inCrimes of PassionISBN 9781907761812

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