Zara collects phobias the way other high school girls collect lipsticks. Little wonder, since shes had a pretty rough life. Her father left when she was a baby, and her stepfather just died. Her mothers pretty much checked out - in fact, Moms sent her to live with her grandmother in cold and sleepy Maine to "keep Zara safe." Whatever that means. Zara doesnt think shes in danger; she thinks her mother just cant deal.Zaras wrong. The man she sees everywhere - the tall creepy guy who points at her from the side of the road - yeh, hes not a figment of her imagination. Hes a pixie. And not the cute, sweet kind with little wings. Maines got a whole assortment of unbelievable creatures, like pixies and were-people. And they seem to need something - something from Zara...Look for the other exciting books in the Need series: Captivate, Entice, and coming next year, Endure!

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