The .NET Framework offers new, more effective ways to secure your Web and LAN-based applications. .NET Development Security Solutions uses detailed, code-intensive exampleslots of themto teach you the right techniques for most scenarios you're likely to encounter. This is not an introduction to security; it's an advanced cookbook that shows experienced programmers how to meet tough security challenges:Recognize and avoid dangerous trapsincluding holes in .NETWork fluently with both role-based and code access securityMaximize the security advantages of policies and code groupsPromote security using Active DirectorySecure data with .NET cryptographic techniquesMeet the toughest LAN security requirementsTackle special security issues associated with Web and wireless applicationsImplement Win32 API security in managed applicationsUniting this instruction is a coherent, cohesive mindset that will help you take the human factor into account at every step. You'll become technically proficient with all the tools at your disposaland, at the same time, you'll learn to make your solutions more powerful by crafting them in ways that dovetail with users' needsand foiblesand anticipate cracker exploits.

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