Network access control (NAC) is how you manage network security when your employees, partners, and guests need to access your network using laptops and mobile devices. Network Access Control For Dummies is where you learn how NAC works, how to implement a program, and how to take real-world challenges in stride.Youll learn how to deploy and maintain NAC in your environment, identify and apply NAC standards, and extend NAC for greater network security. Along the way youll become familiar with what NAC is (and what it isnt) as well as the key business drivers for deploying NAC.Learn the steps of assessing, evaluating, remediating, enforcing, and monitoring your programUnderstand the essential functions of Authentication, Authorization, and AccountingDecide on the best NAC approach for your organization and which NAC policies are appropriateDiscover how to set policies that are enforceable and reasonable enough to be followed, yet still effectiveBecome familiar with the architectures and standards essential to NACInvolve and motivate everyone in the organization whose support is critical to a successful implementationNetwork Access Control For Dummies shows you the steps for planning your implementation, who should be involved, where enforcement should occur, and much more. When you flip the switch, youll know what to expect.

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