In this edited volume, distinguished experts take the reader on a tour of the past, present and future of the Internet. Despite the explosion in the past decade of networking services and applications, the basic technological substructure remains unchanged: the switches and routers that connect us to the digital world are still the appliance-based firmware and hardware they have been for some time. Now, however, this conceptual framework is being challenged by new methods that are jostling for a position as the next-generation Internet architecture. Presenting the state of the art in network-embedded management and applications, the book conveys the principles underlying the practice as well as providing a glimpse into the latest technology in the field. From the history of network programmability, it moves to the boundary-expanding technologies that are set to once again revolutionize the digital revolution, including the novel ideas of content-centric and software-defined networking set to decouple the physical topology of the Internet from its content and control.

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