During the last few decades, Sleep Medicine and Science, and many of their diverse aspects, have emerged as areas of intense medical and scientific interest. Of these, Sleep and Neuroimmunology are highly interlinked and inherently fascinating which cut across many behavioral states, touches all facets of human health and wellbeing. Elucidating the roles of immune substances and cells in Central Nervous System functions and their critical relationships in immune mechanisms in health and diseases across behavioral states. As one of the first of its kind, this Neuroimmunology of Sleep volume provides an introduction to the interphase between Sleep and Neuroimmunology. Written both from a basic and a clinical perspective, the volume contains useful information to many biomedical professionals and students of the human biology. This informative and forward-looking volume will be valuable to sleep researchers, neuroimmunologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists and all those physicians or health care professionals who evaluate and treat patients with sleep problems. In addition, this volume will be helpful to medical students and clinicians of various disciplines who want to get an overall grasp of the Neuroimmunology of sleep field.

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