Contents:Solar Neutrinos:The Latest Solar Neutrino Results in Super-Kamiokande (Y Koshio)Weak Current in Deuterium (T Sato)Solar Neutrino Phenomenology and Future:Solar Neutrino Oscillations (M C Gonzalez-Garcia)The Status of Resonant Spin Flavor Precession (C S Lim)Atmospheric Neutrinos:Status of the Atmospheric Neutrino Studies (M D Messier)Cosmic Ray Measurements for Atmospheric Neutrino with BESS-TeV (K Abe)Oscillation Phenomenology I:Calculations of the Atmospheric ν Fluxes (P Lipari)Three-Flavor Analysis of Atmospheric and Solar Neutrinos (A Marrone)Absolute Neutrino Mass:Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay and Neutrino Oscillations (H V Klapdor-Kleingrothaus)Accelerator Neutrinos, CPV:The MINOS Experiment (M D Messier)The JHF-Kamioka Neutrino Project (T Kajita)Models and GUTs:Proton Decay in the Semi-Simple Unification Model (T Watari)Leptogenesis via LHu Flat Direction (M Fujii)Lepton Flavor Violation:Probing Physics Beyond the Standard Model from Lepton Sector (J Hisano)Oscillation Phenomenology II:Four Puzzles of Neutrino Mixing (S M Barr)Supernova Neutrinos:Supernova Neutrinos (J F Beacom)and other papersReadership: Researchers in high energy physics.

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